Microsoft Flow & Streaming Dataset in Power BI

Microsoft Flow & Streaming Dataset in Power BI

Lets Get Started !!!

Create a dataset in Power BI

  • Sign-in to Power BI
  • Open the workspace where you would like to create a Power BI report.
  • Select Create –> Streaming Dataset

SD 1

  • Select API

SD 2

  • In the New streaming dataset panel, enter the details like dataset name, conditions, date, temperature etc. that you would like to display on Power BI report.

SD 3

  • Select Done.
  • A new streaming dataset will be created.

Create & Configure Microsoft flow

SD 4

  • Search for Get the daily weather forecast for your city template

SD 5

  • Enter the Recurrence details.
  • After Get forecast for today action –> Select Add a new step –> Add Action.
  • Search for Power BI –> Select Add rows to a dataset action
  • Under action Add rows to a dataset enter following information :
    • Workspace –> Select your workspace from drop down list
    • Dataset –> Select your dataset from drop down list
    • Table –> It will be RealTimeData
    • Date –> Type Date and select it from the panel.
    • Temperature –> Select from the panel
    • Humidity –> Select from the panel
    • Conditions –> Select from the panel
    • Location –> Select from the panel

SD 6

  • Save the flow.

SD 7

Check the data in Power BI report

  • Open Power BI
  • Navigate to the streaming dataset you created.
  • Select the fields. It will display the data.

SD 8

  • Create report and dashboards.
  • The data will always be real time and based on the recurrence frequency set on Microsoft flow.

Enjoy Reporting !!!




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