Quick Insights Feature : Let Power BI create Insights for you!!!

Quick Insights Feature : Let Power BI create Insights for you!!!

Quick Insights is a feature of Power BI that helps to :

  1. Build a quick dashboard
  2. Give a quick idea about the data.
  3. Provides insights in case missed
  4. Generated interesting visualizations based on data available

Let’s Get Started !!!

  • Go to PowerBI
  • Open Left Navigation Pane –> Datasets
  • Select your Dataset –> click (…) –> Quick Insights


  • Power BI searches for data trends in the Dataset and creates insights.

QI Searching.jpg

  • You will be notified once insights are ready. Click View Insights.



  • It will display the insights created based on various algorithms, highlighted in article below, used by power bi on the data in the dataset.


  • You can now pin the the insights to your Dashboard.


  • Open the Dashboard –> Hover on upper right  corner on a tile –> Select (…) –> Select Related Insights



  • This will open insights related to the tile.


  • You can select and pin insights from here to dashboards as well.
  • This way you can keep digging the data and pin the most relevant data to your dashboard.

What algorithms are used by Power BI ?

  • Majority (Major Factors)
  • Category outliers
  • Time Line outliers
  • Trends in time series
  • Seasonality in time series
  • Change points in time series
  • Steady share
  • Correlation

Enjoy Reporting !!!


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