Power BI Reports in SQL Server Reporting Services

Hello Everyone !!! Technical Preview of Power BI reports in SSRS is now available. The setup files are available for download in the link below.

Download Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=54610

What does the download link include?

  • Preview version of Power BI Desktop setup
  • Preview version of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services

You will need to use the Technical Preview version of Power BI Desktop only for this exercise. If you already have any other version of Power BI Desktop, you can install this one too by the side.

What can you do with Technical Preview Version of Power BI Desktop?

  • “Live” connections with Analysis Services (Both Tabular and Multidimensional)
  • Create a Power BI report and save it on your report server. (Report server must be running the Technical Preview)
  • Interact with the report in web browser.

Getting Started !!!

Download the setups from the link above.download-link

  • Install both the setups.



  • Open Power BI Desktop (SQL Server Reporting Services)


  • Select Analysis Services database as your datasource as of now.
  • Create a report and save it.


  • Open your Report Server.


  • Upload the pbix file.


  • On clicking the uploaded pbix file you can see the report on the web browser.


  • This is very similar to the “Publish to web” feature of Power BI.

Other useful links




Enjoy Reporting !!!



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