Power BI Error : “The exception was raised by IDataReader interface.”

I received the error “The exception was raised by IDataReader interface” when I was trying to add a column from a table to one of graphs in Power BI report.

Error screenshot


What is the cause of error ?

  • Mismatch between the data types of the keys used in relationships.
  • Improper date formats of the date fields in relationships.
  • (null) values in columns with decimal/whole number data types

How to resolve ?

  • Make sure the data types of both the fields in a relationship are same.
  • Replace (null) values with 0 for decimal or whole number data types.


  • Check your primary keys.
    • In the screenshot below the primary key of Table 1 is adding the columns Field 1 (big integer) and Field 2 (big integer) instead of concatenating. (This was really strange considering my query included CONCATENATE)


  • Change the data type of your key column.
    • Click Edit Queries –> Fetch the column in the table –> Transform
    • I changed the data type for Field 1 column from whole number to text.


  • That Worked !!!


Enjoy Reporting !!!



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